Welcome to the L2UFC Interlude
March 02, 2019

Welcome to the Lineage2 Server UFC Interlude 50x Pvp: our intention is to have a server less suffered in the aspect of not having to crafter of items, but only to gather items of drops in the mobs. We know that today we live a busy day with the day's chores. Thinking about this we want a server of quality and quite busy and balancing between classes. When equipping with the begging items the player can already participate in all the activities within the game: Like Tvts, duels, farmers areas, competitions, Olympiad only with S items, Pvps and events. Our server will make sense in building the character.

Good entertainment and good game!

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Information and News
Description of the server L2UFC: Server Platform: L2OFF - Oficial Files PTS Rates: Exp 50x, Sp 50x, Adena 30x, Drops 10x, Spoil 10x, quests 5x. Interlude /Pvp – farmer....
01 March, 2019
Business and money for You
Chegou a oportunidade que todos esperavam, como sabemos muitos servidores L2Java abre e fecham rapidamente. Por isso o L2UFC pensou em algo jamais visto, pagar para você joga...
27 February, 2019

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